Strategic Reviews for Fraud, Security & Risk

Having no clear Fraud & Security Strategy can pose more of a threat to the business than any single attack potential posed. Detailed Strategic Planning is crucial in order to enable commensurate organisational defence capability, complete Executive mandate and support/approval for all major initiatives and support including ongoing budgets.


To commission a uniform strategy that enables: 

Right People, Skills, Equipment and Processes


Appropriate Clearly Defined & Delineated Responsibilities


Best Structure and Position within the Organisation


Sufficient Mandate

to ensure a robust defence capability for the integrity of the Organisation and all its Assets, People, Reputation and Data against threats posed now and in the future.


Process Product

The general principles are valid irrespective of size or maturity – building or re-building. Nevertheless because of the multifarious nature of businesses it is important to have cognizance of the following:

Local culture


Available expertise

Legal or political restrictions

Level of competition

Types of product supplied or envisaged


Organised Crime Groups – indigenous and imported

Terrorist and Extremist Groups

Law Enforcement ability to respond, protect and provide a deterrent


Because of the extensive experience of Nick Mann Associates in this field, such reviews can normally be conducted extremely rapidly and at low cost.

A strategic review of an organisation of 5 thousand employees with 2-5 million credit service type customers can, and has, been successfully conducted in under 10 working days.