The 2017 European Cyber Security Perspectives has been released and this year’s publication contains a paper by Nick Mann on Internal Threat Management.

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Press Release:

‘Challenges and threats were never greater than today’

The Hague, 9 May 2017 - Effective cybersecurity has never been more important, nor were the threats to confidentiality, integrity and availability never sharper than today, where weaknesses in information security leads to geopolitical instability, according to the fourth edition of the ‘European Cyber Security Perspectives’ which was published today. The fourth edition of this report contains the expertise of a record number of parties, such as the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the National Police, Bits of Freedom, Europol, Deloitte, ID Quantique, Philips, Accenture, Check Point, GSMA, TNO, PWC, Zimperium, Kaspersky and KPN.

Today we see old vulnerabilities show up in new technologies, and hardware and software vendors are not held to account to ensure their safety. Therefore the capability of the security industry to prevent, detect, and respond is minimal. To successfully combat cybercrime, intensive collaboration and sharing knowledge and experience is necessary, now more than ever.

The report looks back at the developments in the past year with a summary of the annual Cyber Security Assessment in the Netherlands in 2016 by the NCSC. It discusses various forms of cybercrime, including phishing. It also examines the various threats in e-mail, insider threats, targeted attacks on devices and the opportunities and threats of Internet of Things. And what is the role of humans when it comes to cyber security? After all, no matter how well you technically protect yourself, if someone clicks the wrong link, you are powerless.


About the European Cyber Security Perspectives 2017

The European Cyber Security Perspectives is a partnership of the Dutch National Police, the Dutch National Cyber Security Centre and a number of companies including KPN. KPN brought the parties together and published the report. The idea is that collaboration and knowledge is essential in the field of cybersecurity. The purpose of the report is to share this knowledge.