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Nick Mann Nick is an internationally recognised fraud and security innovator in the telecoms and financial services industries. Having begun his threat management career with the Inland Revenue, he moved on to British Telecom, the London Stock Exchange and IMRO before building the Security and Investigation Department at Orange plc. He was previously a director of two international risk management consultancies specialising in telecoms and financial services; Praesidium and Stork ltd.

For 5 years until May 2009 Nick was the Director of Fraud, Risk & Security for Vodafone Group (global). He was also chairman of the GSMA (Global Mobile Industry) Fraud Forum for 2.5 years until May 2009.  Nick is now Chairman of the (Global) Fraud & Security Advisory Panel.

He has developed a unique specialism in Strategic reviews in the areas of Fraud, Security & Risk and has conducted innumerable such reviews across the globe. His Strategic Plans have been supplied to businesses and organisations across all sectors of commerce as well as the public sector. Similarly he is a peerless authority on the subject of Internal Threat Management.

Associates The length and depth of Nick’s experience gives him unparalleled knowledge and access to a large range of consultants within the complete range of Security & Fraud disciplines and the expertise to match those associates to the exact client needs.