Nick Mann & Associates has particular and unique expertise in the fields of:

Strategic Fraud, Security & Risk Reviews and Planning

Having no clear Fraud and Security strategy can pose more of a threat to the business than any single attack potential. Detailed Strategic Planning is crucial in order to enable commensurate organisational defence capability, complete executive mandate and approval for all major initiatives and support including ongoing budget.

Internal Threat Management

Which of the potential attacks on your business would be easier to commit from the inside?

The answer, unfortunately, is all of them!

Trust in your staff is important – blind trust is foolhardy.

Internal Threat Assessment & Measurement (ITAM) is a unique approach to dealing with this problem.

Trust Currency

Planning your defence strategy and heightening staff and management reliance will give a considerable boost to the trust levels of customers/clients, investors and employees.

Much attention is given over to brand & reputation protection in this work. Thus a marked public trust perception can be achieved.